what we do


we are three sixty design.

we believe in dynamism. we believe in inspiration. we believe in collaboration. we believe in flexibility. we are a landscape architecture + design studio, and we believe our work transcends the ground plane.

what we do.

we create vibrant landscapes and activated streets for urban areas.

we create community spaces and active play areas in affordable housing projects.

we create cutting edge amenity spaces for entertainment and living for multifamily projects.

we create space for entertainment on amenity decks.

we create hot couture landscapes for private residences.

we create beautiful and unique planting designs in custom features in our gardens.

we create outdoor spaces in parks & recreation.


our work engages, drives and motivates. we create dynamic and innovative spaces that truly fit each and every client; perfectly bespoke solutions. 


we derive inspiration from everywhere. we consume, obsess and collect; all to deliver a truly different and specific spatial experience. we visit inspiring places, collect imagery and experiment daily to truly keep the creativity flowing.


our work is a master study in collaboration. we work seamlessly with our architects, designers, engineers, consultants, and most importantly, our clients. we don't assume or impose; we reflect and examine. we are designers with technical expertise, not dictators of taste.


we are flexible. we don't specialize; we appreciate a challenge and relish in the opportunity to solve a problem differently and better than ever before.








we create careers in appropriate office space.