savile row multi-family

we worked alongside a local developer to design a row house project inspired by the famous savile row in central london. we offered the developer a full turn key package starting with a project vision all the way through to a full final package including site plans, landscape design, and creative direction. our landscape plan integrates a planting strip standard on the street side of the development and options for each individual unit which allowed us to flex our design capabilities and experiment with different configurations, features, and plants. the planting pallet utilizes a variety of shapes and shades of green vegetation to create a simple and crisp landscape around the structure. in addition to providing landscape work on the ground level, we were also able to design roof top amenities for each individual unit as part of the final package. for these additional rooftops we wanted to integrate greenery along the roof edge to soften the space as well as flexible seating to establish comfortable outdoor rooms for social gathering and views of the skyline.