denver's first activated alley - at the dairy block

a process that began in late 2013 is finally coming to fruition in the form of an activated and lively alley project in the center of downtown denver. big cities are making moves to activate undervalued alleyways in the hopes of providing quaint, intimate, and relaxing outdoor environments in the inner city. destinations like san francisco, new york, and seattle are paving the way with innovative and exciting city alleys that include retail opportunities, coffee shops, restaurants, and gathering spaces. these alleys aren't just inserted into the urban fabric, but are instead woven into the larger city block to create a cohesive and seamless experience of indoor/outdoor spaces.

here in denver - we couldn't pass up the opportunity to get on this growing trend and will finally have our first activated alley by spring 2017 as part of the new mixed use development knows as the Dairy Block. located along blake st. and wazee between 18th and 19th streets - this new alley project aims to activate the whole city block to improve visitor experience and provide new opportunities for gathering in the city. as part of the overall visioning for this alley - the design process is aimed at integrating themes of art, music, and food to appeal to users and lure visitors in for short and long visits. through high design and carefully selected details and tenants, the project developers hope to create a micro-district within this one block radius. 

every detail must be considered and carefully selected to effectively draw users in, retian visitors for varying amounts of time, and establish the alley as a destination of its own. this is were three sixty comes into the picture - providing consultant services specifically targeted at paving design and window box implementation to assure a lush and inviting environment. please follow along with us as we see this project take shape. for additional information about the project, visit 

Maggie Fryke