update: westgate community school

the first few weeks of the new year have been very busy for us here at three sixty. we have been pushing to complete 100% design development construction drawing set for the campus. we have been working hand in hand with westgate since the fall of 2015 to design and develop a comprehensive campus plan focussed on outdoor learning and increased physical activity. over the past few months our team has been meeting with community members, stakeholders, and students to gather feedback about preliminary designs and to discuss the communities wants and needs. as we approach the completion of construction documentation, westgate is gearing up for two upcoming funding opportunities through Adams County Open Space and the Colorado Health Foundation. the completed drawings will be used in these grant applications to demonstrate design intent and objectives for the new play equipment and overall playscapes. currently westgate has no existing playscapes for students, leaving this group of youth to make do with what they have - dirt and weeds.

through spring grant cycles, westgate hopes to receive funding to construct phase 1 of our design strategy providing an obstacle course, plaza, 9,000 square foot grassy play zone, woodland classroom, age specific play areas, and walking loop as a community and school asset. our phase 2 plans include the remaining campus property and provide a nature trail, community garden plots, and recreational fields. we hope over the next few months to establish more stakeholder connections and partnerships that will help us with fund raising and planning for the community garden plots and prairie areas. we also hope to hep westgate establish potential connections with leading Denver gardening experts such as the Kitchen Community and Denver Urban Gardens.  

here at the office, we will continue to design and develop experiential renderings and a 3D model to showcase key areas of the design. these graphics will be available to westgate for use in grant applications and community meetings as a visualization tool. please check back with us to see how things are going. 

Maggie Fryke