meet chris schooler

Currently Chris is working with our team at three sixty as a grant implementation specialist on the Westgate Community School project, executing daily operations and developments, coordinating research and design efforts, and executing community engagement efforts. Chris Schooler has over 14 years of design experience, with a true talent for large urban design projects, grant writing, and master planning for school districts. His background from the University of Colorado Denver with a Masters in Landscape Architecture along with his degrees in both Organizational Studies and Psychology have given him a trained eye for successful urban planning and landscape design as well as a fundamental understanding of how and why people operate the way they do. His scope at three sixty spans far beyond the Westgate project, as he is also working with our team in partnership with the Colorado Health Foundation to design outdoor learning environments for middle schools across the greater Denver Area. We are excited and anxious to get working alongside Chris in the months to come. Stay tuned as we work through the development and visioning for Westgate.