how landscape adds value to real estate development

When it comes to real estate development, accessible open space has become a crucial component in the overall design. Successfully designed open spaces promote healthy and active lifestyles customized to community needs. In the current booming multi-family market, apartments are distinguished by their amenities. Present-day trends indicate residents highly value private open space and shared outdoor amenity space. Popular outdoor amenities include pools, water features, space for events such as movie screenings, grills, games, and recreational space. Firepits and heaters are ideal for extending the use of the space into colder months. Unique designs distinguish the most successful open spaces. Our roof deck design for the Eviva Cherokee Apartments is right on trend featuring a pool wrapped in a sloped synthetic lawn, a built in movie screen, and a fireplace and grills. In suburban communities with private yards, public parks and trails are highly desired for exercising and social interaction. Young families request parks and play areas for their kids while older adults prefer open space for physical activity and socially connecting with others. In today's world of changing demographics and family structures, people tend to seek out spaces that can accommodate informal group activities such as picnics or events. In urban settings, green roofs are a resourceful method for creating open space. They not only maximize energy efficiency, they enhance and create attractive working environments that promote occupant health, increase employee productivity and lower stress levels. Our green roof on 16th & Chestnut not only creates a vital outdoor amenity space for office staff, it implements native grasses for a low maintenance and drought tolerant  landscape. Open spaces and appealing landscapes not only enhance property values, they build intrinsic environments for communities and promote healthy living spaces for all. 

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