residential landscape value: more than you think

There's more to landscape design than meets the eye-- in addition to aesthetic appeal, the value can stack up on social, environmental, and economic levels. Residential landscapes can add up to 15% to a home's value; whether its curb appeal, functional spaces for entertaining or play, or aesthetic/ edible gardens. A good place to start determining what your budget should be for your home landscape is 5-10% of your home's worth. As high as that may seem, landscapes grow in value over time in contrast to home additions or remodels, which depreciate. Strategically placed plants can increase energy efficiency and reduce long-term energy costs. Green roofs can reduce home heating and cooling costs, contribute to stormwater management, and lower long-term maintenance keeping the roof at a cooler temperature. Green walls are also cost efficient by lowering temperatures to reduce energy costs and can reduce noise pollution. Strategic tree siting can reduce energy costs by shading the home in the summer and heating the home in the winter once the leaves have been shed. Water conservation measures are key, especially here in Colorado where drought conditions are prominent. Implementing native and drought tolerant plants cuts down on maintenance and watering. Decreasing the lawn size with native groundcover that doesn't require mowing will greatly reduce the amount of water needed (the average American lawn uses 200 gallons of water daily). At Three Sixty Design, we design with all of these benefits in mind to create highly valuable landscapes for our clients. 

check out ASLA's guide to sustainable landscape design