confluence park featured

a new report by the city parks alliance featured confluence park in downtown denver. we at three sixty design are lucky enough to be right next to confluence park and can agree with all this article has to say! more than 80 percent of the countries population are now living in cities, which increases the importance of having parks. not only do parks create healthy outdoor activities, they generate tax revenues, cut healthcare costs, improve our natural resources and increase property values. parks create a sense of community, where locals can gather in a healthy environment to appreciate and enjoy their local beauty. parks require upkeep, which keeps the cities clean. confluence park downtown denver has done this, along with having local businesses surround the area, which creates more jobs and more local revenue. the article states, "LWCF's $1.2 million in grants for the South Platte River in Denver galvanized over $2.5 billion in local and private funding, an investment that has revitalized Denver's downtown and continues to drive economic development and job creation." confluence parks and the other parks in denver, improve our city, and we believe this is true for all large cities in the country.