process focused: hand-to-digital rendering

Here are some renderings our team created for a project that’s underway. This phased improvement project consists of three different processes to create the sketches for the public to see. Westminster High School in Adams County is not only giving their football stadium a facelift, they are making it more accessible for all of their fans. Our plan makes the football stadium handicap accessible and updates the entire facility overall. Another addition to the stadium is a memorial garden for WHS’ military students.

The first process for these sketches was a sketch up model in 3D designed by our team. The sketch was then completely hand-traced in ink, and then painted in Photoshop. Our team decided with this process so that our diverse audience could get a better grasp on the project. The images were softer and easier to imagine, but also explained our work. This hand-to-digital rendering process is great to explain complicated projects to all audiences, which is what is most important to us! We want our work to be open-ended for interpretation, and as easy to grasp as possible.