brand, identity + landscape architecture.

“brand” and “identity” have traditionally been considered two-dimensional ideas; something that goes on a business card or a sign out front. but today, a project’s vision and identity is as important as the project itself. competition is fierce, and those who stand out are those who deliver a curated, totally immersive experience. landscape architecture is already a study in immersion; we’re just augmenting and expanding our practice and our scope. we’re taking a historically two-dimensional concept and pulling it into three dimensions.

we'd like to introduce nic. he’s designed the façade of an experimental office complex in shenzhen, a series of luxury events for rolls-royce, and program branding for porsche - along with developing branding and graphics programs for many, many businesses across the US and the world. his conceptual design skills have been honed by a wide variety of experiences, practical applications and interactions. he has a degree in architecture from the university of southern california, 8 years of branding + graphic design experience, and is now the resident creative at three sixty design.

by merging nic’s skill set with ours, three sixty design is now able to offer a comprehensive, turn-key design opportunity to our clients. we can deliver truly integrated indoor / outdoor visioning, experiential branding + graphics, and custom one-of-a-kind site amenities; all complementing and reinforcing our skills as a landscape architecture firm.

stay tuned for our official launch of our new services on this coming tuesday.

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Nic Leggett