turning an idea into reality is a challenge. we can make it easier.

introducing 360+, a new outlook on landscape architecture from three sixty design.

as landscape architects, we primarily deal with the site. context, culture and place are all integrated into a cohesive landscape design. however, we've often felt that a project could be so much more than expected by incorporating the identity and experience of the site into our scope, and approaching it all as a unified design challenge.

now we can offer that observation as a service.

identity is branding, signage, visioning, material palettes, custom-designed products and furnishings, lighting, and curated specification - the characteristics of a project that need to match the quality and intent of the overall idea.

experience is about strengthening the relationships between site and architecture, creating indoor/outdoor connections and reinforcing the quality of public and private spaces. how do people interact with these spaces, and what could make them better?

360+ is a new vision for landscape architecture; are you ready?